About Stabilized Corn Cob Pen Blanks

Iowacobb corn cob pen blanks are professionally stabilized to harden the cob for ease of turning and preserve the cob for many years of service. The stabilization process involves using positive pressure and vacuum process to inject polymer resins into the cob. The resin is heat cured and ready for immediate use. The result is a material that turns similar to many woods. This is the same process used by other high quality producers of stabilized pen blanks.

The blank size should be selected to match the size of the desired pen style. The goal is to eliminate a majority of the inner core, which is the white part filled with resin from the stabilization process. The outer red surface will be turned away to leave an awesome gold pattern where the kernels were with light red streaks between them. Being a natural product, color will vary from cob to cob.

Approximate size is 3/4″-1″ diameter x 5″ long. The cobs you receive will be similar to those shown in the picture.

10 reasons to choose Iowacobb stabilized corn cob pen blanks:

1. Professionally stabilized by experienced commercial processor with years of experience

2. 100% penetration of resin

3. No CA glue needed to harden cob during turning

4. Hand selected and cut to standard pen blank length to reduce waste

5. Ready to go!!

6. Tear-out is greatly reduced during drilling, end milling and turning

7. Color is maintained

8. Polishes to nice shine

9. Stabilization protects against moisture

10. Turns like a dream!!!


Give these cobs a try!!! I think you will enjoy the experience and the pen you craft.

View Working with Cobs tip sheet. (pdf format)

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