Stabilization process

Iowacobb stabilized pen blanks are professionally stabilized to harden the blank for ease of turning and preserve the material for many years of service. The stabilization process involves using positive pressure and vacuum process to inject polymer resins into the material. The blank is then heat cured and ready for immediate use. The result is improved turning, ease of polishing, and durability.

The processor used by Iowacobb has over 20 years experience in stabilization of pen blank and knife scale business. These are guaranteed to have 100% penetration of resin throughout the blank. Nothing against the home brew methods but I’m confident you will notice the difference in quality with these professionally processed blanks.

You can expect your stabilized blanks to be resistant to moisture and be stable, i.e. not have movement due to changes in humidity.

Please contact me if you have any questions or comments regarding stabilized blanks.

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