Stabilized corn cob pen blanks – Medium size (8mm)

classic cob 1
Medium Full Blank option

Cobs from Iowa field corn are used to create this unique pen material. The medium size of these cobs make them suitable for mid-sized pens such as the Designer, Classic, etc. (drill sizes in the 8mm or “O” range). The raw cobs are sized for pen blanks and then professional stabilized with clear resin to harden the cob. See also articles About Stabilized Corn Cob Pen Blanks and About stabilization.

Available in the following options:

  • Full length cob blank, 5″ minimum length. These work well for 2-piece pens where color matching is desired.
  • Half length cob blank, 2 1/2″ minimum length – price is each. The half blanks may be used for 2-piece pens by purchasing 2 blanks per pen. It is advisable to purchase extra blanks to allow for best color matching on double barrel pens.
  • Pre-drilled blanks are extra $1 charge per half blank, $2 per full blank. Select Drilling option purchased separately.


Medium Full Blank option

Medium Full Blank option

Medium Half Blank option

Medium Half Blank option, drilling is optional.

Price: from $2.75$2.25